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about me

Since qualifying with an architectural degree in the late Eighties
I have worked for many years with Architects and Engineers.

In the beginning, draughting precision building detail and design
drawings and then later presentation drawings for consultation.

The move from pen and ink to digital didn’t take long when
computers first arrived on the scene and this coincided with
my first freelance venture in Holland named ClearView.

These days everything is generated using
computers and now back in the UK and 15 years further along
I work as an Architectural Illustrator under the name of 3DArtvision
and share knowledge and know-how by writing regularly for Futurenets 3DWorld Magazine.

The re-imagined and lost scenes in History Rebuilt are the result of a passion for detailing, the visual arts and the ingenuity of our ancestors.

HistoryRebuilt.com is a site to host and share these projects